A bit of history

The village of Fontaine-la-Soret is equidistant between Paris and Caen and lies on an ancient Royal road, now D 613.

The castle itself was built between 1765 and 1769, by Monsieur d'Augny, General intendant of the kingdom and it dominates the valley of the river Isle. His purpose was to improve this road, to develop the harbors and coastal cities' activities on the channel, and therefore to increase the trade with Great Britain, which explains the presence of an important and magnificent "manège", with a beautiful carpentry, a sort of horse relay.

Following the death of Monsieur d'Augny, the castle belonged, at the beginning of the XIXth century to different families (REVILLASSE, D'EPREMENIL) before being acquired by Monsieur Louis de CLERCQ in 1869, then transmitted by descent to Count Louis de BOISGELIN (strong family established in the region, (forest of BEAUMONT LE ROGER etc… ) and parents of the current owner Irène CHARDON.